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Artist Bio

Jessi Rose Vook is an artist from Humboldt County, California. She studied Botany and Microbiology in college at Humboldt State University where she coincidently also discovered glassblowing in 2009. She nurtured her interest by learning from many talented glassblowers and spent countless hours and  practicing to develop her glassblowing skills. Her passion for the natural world was not lost in her artistic pursuits.  Glass pendants and marbles made by Jessi Rose Vook appear to contain flowers and butterflies timelessly encased in clear glass. 

Jessi's glass artwork is produced by melting colored and clear borosilicate glass with a propane & oxygen torch at 1400 + degrees. Unique designs are created by manipulating molten glass with heat and gravity. Jessi takes care with each movement melting and laying down the fine details that bring her designs to life. Jessi Vook's marbles and pendants are attempt to capture the endless beauty of nature in glass.

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